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Research Note: Enterprise Customers of SumTotal Share How Learning Supports Their Return-to-Work Strategies

For this investigation, 3Sixty Insights spoke with several enterprise-size customers of SumTotal. Specifically, these global organizations are users of the vendor’s learning management platform. The following pages focus on their strategies and tactics in supporting learning in general and a return to work specifically. Each has solved for significant challenges in protecting the employee experience and preserving productivity as the world of work moved through the initial stages of a pandemic that rattled these concepts to their core. What You Need to Know Learning plays an enormous role in organizational stability. Whether it is for training, upskilling, reskilling and, ultimately, career pathing, an employer’s learning platform is often the best vehicle for an organization to set goals for its people or have an effective impact […]

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Digitalizing Talent Learning & Development | Irene Riad – Global Executive Advisory Council Member

In May, Irene Riad joined the 3Sixty Insights End-User Global Executive Advisory Council (GEAC) Symposium to share her journey in selecting and deploying a global learning and development platform from Saba Software (now a part of Cornerstone OnDemand). In this video, Irene, herself a member of the GEAC, shares the background, the process and the lessons learned in selecting this solution. Irene’s presentation provides a recount of her team’s overall decision-making, implementation, and approach to global adoption, all of which they undertook amidst a global re-organization and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rumors of Skillsoft merging

Skillsoft Exploring the Art of the Merge to Survive (and Thrive)?

Machine learning and the Internet have taught us something illuminating about career and talent development. In job-related learning, the idea of curating content has won. But it’s more than this. We have learned that the algorithms behind machine learning are capable of being wildly effective in determining what an individual career professional is interested and in need of learning. Systems utilizing these capabilities are able to pull the relevant content from disparate sources and push that to the employee. And, the industry has found, the employee is more than apt to self-direct her individual edification, to the mutual benefit of herself and the organization she works for. This basic idea has won in entertainment (e.g., Netflix) and several other industries, too, for that matter. The […]

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