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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | September 2021

Recent Research: Case Study: Allianz Global Investors Deploys Ceridian Dayforce to Modernize the Necessities of Employing People For well over a decade, employers have been ripping out legacy deployments of software for human capital management in favor of superior, cloud-based solutions delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS). Providing the impetus for their decision to leave these often on-premises solutions behind is, typically, some combination of factors: the desire to emancipate HCM from pernicious inefficiencies, the business rationale to lower IT-related labor expenditure and eliminate expensive yearly maintenance fees, and more. Modern technology for HCM tends to deliver automation that greatly alleviates the administrative burden associated with the last generation of software for HCM. It is unacceptable today to accept highly manual processes in payroll or anything immediately […]

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Case Study: isolved Partners with a Nonprofit Client to Deepen and Broaden HCM System Utilization

Employers often underutilize their existing technologies for human capital management (HCM). Whether it be in payroll, time and attendance, scheduling, benefits administration, talent management, talent acquisition or employee training and development, the underutilization can be relegated to a narrow domain of the solution’s scope. Alternately, the underutilization can be widespread, systemic. Some users are unaware of their underutilization. Still others may notice subpar results from the system in place and misplace blame for the situation. The root causes for these misunderstandings or miscommunications are many. For example, employees who led implementation may leave and take the knowledge of how a system works with them. Conversely, a solution integrator may do a poor job in training system-facing staff on how to get the most out of […]

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