3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Tom Tonkin, Ph.D., CEO at The Conservatory Group

Joining us for this episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat is Tom Tonkin, Ph.D., member of our Global Executive Advisory Council. A former colleague of mine, Dr. Tonkin is now CEO of The Conservatory Group, where he and his team “help executives, middle-managers and sales leaders to self-actualize in their roles.” Dr. Tonkin’s background in technology for the enterprise stretches back many years and includes just shy of two decades at Oracle in a multitude of roles spanning sales, technology enablement, professional services, and more. My conversation with Dr. Tonkin centered on diversity, equity and inclusion. Through his observations, informed partially by his doctoral work, Dr. Tonkin believes several things must happen for DE&I initiatives and ideas to move beyond awareness — frankly, only the […]

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Market Alert: Ceridian Displays Future-of-Work Savvy with Acquisition of Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideal

What Happened In late April, Ceridian announced that it would be acquiring Ideal. The “talent intelligence software” that Ideal created draws on artificial intelligence–derived insights into the workforce. With these insights, employers become more effective in cultivating and attracting talent. Background For years, Ceridian has displayed a keen understanding of where to focus next, and when. When the industry needed a strong voice for straightforward HCM technology, Ceridian acquired Dayforce and became an effective mantle-bearer for the idea that you should consolidate data sets into one and employ just one application to handle as much of HCM as possible. The goal then was to improve the efficiency of HCM. The goal now, with the acquisition of Ideal, is to prepare for the future of work. […]

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