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Research Note: Concrete vs. Abstract HCM: The Power of “And”

We launched the 2021 Research Agenda for the human capital management practice area at 3Sixty Insights with an exploration into a new way of looking at HCM. The idea we advanced resonated deeply with vendors and users of HCM technology alike—that HCM has two hemispheres, the concrete and the abstract. To thrive, employers must appreciate and embrace both these understandings of HCM (3Sixty Insights BWSRP20111 Concrete vs. Abstract HCM: A New Way for Organizations to Look at HCM, November 2020). Accountants and others focused on the nuts and bolts of business understand concrete expressions of HCM such as gains in efficiencies and productivity. Others gravitate to abstract expressions of HCM, which comprise employees’ feelings and focus on the tributaries and outcomes of employer culture. Reality […]

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Spring Fever: COVID-19 and the Employee Pulse Survey

We’re halfway through March 2021, and the spring fever is extra intense — at least twice as intense as normal, it seems. Think about it. Your employees have been in some form or other of COVID-19 lock-down since late Q1 of 2020, when the novel coronavirus arrived to rob them of perennially much-anticipated fun in the sun, exercise at the gym, spring cleaning, live concerts, and all the rest. And, depending on your industry and the demographics and purpose of your business and workforce, many or most have been working from home all this time. Even work has kept them home, in other words, and whereas some of your staff have enthusiastically embraced this, as they see their home as their own little oasis, others […]

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Infographic: How Leadership and Oracle’s Cloud Are Transforming and Revitalizing Cities: A Memphis Story

City of Memphis Chief Human Resource Officer Alex Smith‘s story is inspiring. It also provides a compelling example of the necessary dance between leadership and technology when it comes to HR transformation and the organization-wide transformation that can follow. With Alex’s decision to implement Oracle HCM Cloud came a significant alleviation of the administrative load HR department-wide. This created space for her team to launch massive, successful efforts to change the employer culture municipality-wide. The infographic presents an easily digestible encapsulation of just what happened. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to watch the related #HRTechChat and read the case study.  

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Employee Recognition Has Inefficiencies Too

Think of what a newborn needs. A newborn needs someone to feed it, change its diapers, and just plain old keep an eye on it. Newborns need food, diapers and hugs — all of it, and more. Scientific studies prove the hugs play a big part in their ability to thrive. And so it goes with adults in the workplace. They need more than pay. They need recognition, the metaphorical hugs for professional settings. There’s plenty of research to prove it. Go to your favorite search engine and poke around. Put differently, there are two hemispheres to human capital management. One is concrete, and the other is abstract. Just like a baby needs concrete things like food and diapers, an organization’s employees need their pay […]

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Case Study: New CHRO Delivers Business Transformation to City of Memphis with Oracle HCM Cloud

HR is often seen, across industries and sectors, as a cost center to contain rather than a resource. A long-held psychological bias says that business should be about numbers, and taken at face value, the numbers indicate quite clearly that HR generates no revenue and therefore provides poor ROI. This is, of course, a gross over-simplification, as anyone who’s tried to run a business without properly caring for employees will know. Because of this misconception, HR departments often lag behind others when it comes to investing in company assets. Dealing with aging or obsolete tech, HR heads struggle to provide the internal customer service their position mandates, resulting in lost dollars and damaged morale. Payroll problems alone can be costly: if payroll isn’t integrated (either […]

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