What do Kings of Leon, Jack Dorsey, and Sumner Redstone share in common?

Intellectual Property (IP), like music and video content, intersects with Software as a Service (SaaS) in every meaningful way. It’s fascinating to see so many threads knitting themselves together in the headlines from one single week. News about FinTech companies, like Jack Dorsey’s Square, is generally limited to the business section. In contrast, music streaming services, like Jay-Z’s Tidal, are everywhere but. Yet there is Jay-Z’s picture all over the Wall Street Journal. The Venn Diagram of those two worlds is usually like peering through a giant pair of blurry binoculars. So what are we really looking at, anyway? To gain clearer focus, we’ll need first to pan out and check in with Rolling Stone—and the latest on Kings of Leon’s recent album release. (Seriously!) […]

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