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Analyst Insight: City of Memphis Deploys UKG as Point Solution to Track Time and Attendance

When navigating the bureaucracy of a public sector organization, there are no cookie-cutter scenarios. Alex Smith, former chief human resources officer for the City of Memphis, knew her organization was no different. As an appointee with the current Mayoral administration and with a limited timeline for making improvements, one of Alex’s goals during her tenure has been to empower the City’s HR organization with “modern 21st-century capabilities” and transition it to a paperless cloud-based solution to free up capacity within the organization. To bolster its existing, broad deployment of Oracle HCM Cloud, Smith needed sophisticated point-solution capabilities specifically in time and attendance (3Sixty Insights BWSCS2121 – “New CHRO Delivers Business Transformation to City of Memphis with Oracle HCM Cloud,” February 2021). What’s more, the City […]

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Market Alert: Ceridian Poised to Deliver Much-Needed Efficiencies in HCM to the Canadian Federal Government

What Happened On Sept. 21, 2021, Ceridian announced that Canada’s federal government selected the vendor to deliver a pilot program to co-design and deploy intelligent solutions for HR and pay. The country of Ceridian’s origin has chosen Dayforce to replace an on-premises, Peoplesoft-based platform known as Phoenix, launched 10 years ago. Background The vendor continues to build on recent success (3Sixty Insights 3SIMA2153 – Ceridian Displays Future-of-Work Savvy with Acquisition of Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideal, May 2021). Ceridian’s technology for human capital management, Dayforce, is a software-as-a-service platform in the cloud. Since acquiring Dayforce a decade ago, Ceridian has worked assiduously and methodically to build the solution into a first-class full software suite for HCM. From the start, part-and-parcel to Dayforce’s design and the vendor’s […]

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Infographic: How Leadership and Oracle’s Cloud Are Transforming and Revitalizing Cities: A Memphis Story

City of Memphis Chief Human Resource Officer Alex Smith‘s story is inspiring. It also provides a compelling example of the necessary dance between leadership and technology when it comes to HR transformation and the organization-wide transformation that can follow. With Alex’s decision to implement Oracle HCM Cloud came a significant alleviation of the administrative load HR department-wide. This created space for her team to launch massive, successful efforts to change the employer culture municipality-wide. The infographic presents an easily digestible encapsulation of just what happened. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to watch the related #HRTechChat and read the case study.  

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Case Study: New CHRO Delivers Business Transformation to City of Memphis with Oracle HCM Cloud

HR is often seen, across industries and sectors, as a cost center to contain rather than a resource. A long-held psychological bias says that business should be about numbers, and taken at face value, the numbers indicate quite clearly that HR generates no revenue and therefore provides poor ROI. This is, of course, a gross over-simplification, as anyone who’s tried to run a business without properly caring for employees will know. Because of this misconception, HR departments often lag behind others when it comes to investing in company assets. Dealing with aging or obsolete tech, HR heads struggle to provide the internal customer service their position mandates, resulting in lost dollars and damaged morale. Payroll problems alone can be costly: if payroll isn’t integrated (either […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Alex Smith, CHRO, City of Memphis

Welcome to 3Sixty Insights’ latest #HRTechChat. Alex Smith, CHRO of the City of Memphis and member of the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council, joined us earlier in the week to discuss her department’s decision to implement and deploy Oracle HCM Cloud, along with Taleo-derived functionality for application tracking. Beyond technology, however, Alex’s experience is an uplifting tale of lasting business and cultural transformation in the public sector. Illustrative of the vision forward-thinking HR leaders embrace, the City’s journey is everything the profession aspires to inspire. Here’s a glimpse into what we discussed during the videochat, as well as the contents of an accompanying, in-depth case study: Leading a municipality as a business—a new mayor of Memphis wanted to bring a business mindset to the […]

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