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Case Study: Central Minnesotan Kensington Bank Reports Success in Implementing and Expanding isolved via Partnership with AssetHR

What You Need to Know Without modern technology for human capital management (HCM) and the advancements in automation it has to offer, HR is unnecessarily inefficient. This inefficiency can be especially pronounced at small organizations, where, typically, nothing at all aside from email, spreadsheets and paper is in place to manage it. It is this inefficiency that usually compels such organizations to seek relief. Here is where many potential pitfalls lurk. Choose the wrong solution, and the organization sets itself up for long-term difficulties in exchange for, possibly, short-term relief. Any organization that finds a trusted partner to help navigate the HCM vendor landscape and choose a capable solution and implement it in a capable way goes a long way in sparing itself future frustration […]

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Anatomy of a Decision: Engagedly Helps Customers Provide and Manage Modern, Positive Employee Experience

What You Need to Know It has long been understood that employee experience is critical to a company’s success. However, companies that prioritized employee experience over risk mitigation and revenue increases were few and far between — until recently. The mass exodus from the office to remote and hybrid work environments has rendered the link between employee experience and company performance undeniable. This sudden shift left business leaders and human resources practitioners urgently solving complex challenges like maintaining productivity in an uncertain time. Over time, these shifts have created a competitive candidates’ market that highlights the powerful influence of employee satisfaction on retention. A critical component of employee satisfaction is engagement. An engaged employee is a productive and dedicated employee who will serve a company […]

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