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Research Note: Global Mobility – Strategize for the Employee Experience and Related Organizational Success

What You Need to Know Traditionally, organizations have expanded into other countries in order to engage with new audiences in new ways and diversify perspectives to meet global demands, among other reasons that could vary from cost control, employee satisfaction and speed to market. What’s less traditional, but has been brewing for years, is the emergence of a borderless workforce. Catalysts precipitating this most viscerally have been advancements in technology to support payroll, compliance, employee communication, hiring, and collaboration across international organizational footprints that are vast. An even greater factor has been so-called economic globalism. In tandem to all this, attitudes over the idea of a borderless workforce have fallen in line, largely in support of the trend. Against this backdrop, the response of employers […]

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Is the Great Resignation to Blame for Corporate Shortcomings, We Think Not | Lessons Learned by JetBlue Failures

How many times have we heard that the Great Resignation is to blame for corporate shortcomings these days? Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to major multinational organizations, are struggling to keep up with demand. When they fall short, what’s behind that failure? Well, if simply repeating something makes it true, then the cause is a lack of employees. Certainly, staffing shortages can and will cause business to slow, but that shouldn’t lead to the large-scale disfunction we’re seeing in businesses today. The Great Resignation has simply become the scapegoat du jour—after all, it’s human nature to seek external sources on which to pin our failings. More often than not, though, we must look internally to find the true cause. Leaders of struggling businesses […]

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Market Alert: Neeyamo Announces Evolution Into Becoming a Global Employer of Record

What Happened With principal offices in California, U.S.A., the India-headquartered global human resource outsourcer (HRO) Neeyamo has announced that it will now be a global employer of record (EOR). Drawing on its leadership in significant niches of global HRO, including long-tail global HR and payroll, Neeyamo brings much expertise and experience to bear in taking on global EOR. Background Given the vendor’s origins and where it has been, this evolution in Neeyamo’s offering is intuitive. Take long-tail global HR and payroll, for example. A significant area of its expertise, which Neeyamo essentially pioneered, it refers to the activity an organization must undertake to support the employment of people in geographically distant locations where relatively few staff work for the employer. Consider the following hypothetical: A […]

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SilkRoad Webinar Series | Modern Onboarding: The Expanding Concept of a Point Solution Indispensable to the Employee Experience

Join 3Sixty Insights’ Brent Skinner, as he discusses Modern Onboarding: The Expanding Concept of a Point Solution Indispensable to the Employee Experience Tuesday, April 05 , 2022 @ EMEA – 1:00 GMT | APAC – 11:00 AM AEDT. Webinar Description: Anyone who’s followed HCM technology long enough understands: It’s been an odyssean journey for point solutions. What’s the next leg of the trip? To answer this question of where we’re going, we need to consider where HCM is today—and look to the past too. The focus on the quality of the employee experience is stronger than ever. Interestingly, you can thank the pandemic for this—in part, anyway. For well past a decade, professionals in HCM have steadily increased their healthy obsession over gauging and improving […]

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Research Agenda: Human Capital Management 2022

Many of the following themes for 2022 in human capital management build on the idea that every aspect of HCM has concrete and abstract expressions (3Sixty Insights BWSRN2142 – Concrete vs. Abstract HCM: The Power of “And,” April 2021)—easily measurable, tactical impacts (concrete), and less easily measurable, strategic impacts (abstract) all in the end affecting employee sentiment and, therefore, organizational success. This year’s themes also reflect the idea that advances in technology and in attitudes about HCM’s charter are blurring the lines between conventional silos of HCM. You cannot do performance management well anymore without combining it with better collaboration technology and a modern learning management system (LMS), for example. Even the long-ago newfangled term talent management has all but slinked away, replaced by notions […]

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Case Study: Central Minnesotan Kensington Bank Reports Success in Implementing and Expanding isolved via Partnership with AssetHR

What You Need to Know Without modern technology for human capital management (HCM) and the advancements in automation it has to offer, HR is unnecessarily inefficient. This inefficiency can be especially pronounced at small organizations, where, typically, nothing at all aside from email, spreadsheets and paper is in place to manage it. It is this inefficiency that usually compels such organizations to seek relief. Here is where many potential pitfalls lurk. Choose the wrong solution, and the organization sets itself up for long-term difficulties in exchange for, possibly, short-term relief. Any organization that finds a trusted partner to help navigate the HCM vendor landscape and choose a capable solution and implement it in a capable way goes a long way in sparing itself future frustration […]

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The Road to Global Payroll

The road to global payroll is paved with reactions. Let’s add that it’s paved also with good intentions. We all know where those lead, and an unaddressed global payroll process won’t exactly take you there, but the ride can be rough. This is why, for most organizations, the journey to well-sorted global payroll is long and winding — and bumpy. It is the exceedingly rare employer that sets the table to process global payroll in an efficient way the very first time the need to process global payroll arises. This is what I’ve learned, anyway, from lengthy discussions with executives in this industry. No, almost to the very last one, organizations that become global pretty much never outsource it promptly; instead, they do their best, […]

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