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Video: Learn from PGA Tour Superstore’s Success with Go1’s Comprehensive Online Library

Discover how PGA Tour Superstore refreshed their learning and development infrastructure with Go1’s comprehensive online library. In this insightful 3Sixty Insights video, learn how HR teams can easily identify high-quality resources, organize them into effective training interventions, and deliver consistent learning experiences. Refresh and revolutionize your L&D solutions with Go1’s tailored content library, and gain insights from PGA Tour Superstore’s success story. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your organization’s training and development initiatives. #L&Dsolutions #traininganddevelopment #Go1 #PGA Tour Superstore #learningexperiences #HRteams #contentlibrary #successstory Read the full report covered in the video here: Refresh Your L&D Infrastructure With Go1’s Comprehensive Content Library

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Video: Orbus Software Surmounts Challenges in Employee Learning by Turning to Go1 for Curated Content

In this video, Brent Skinner walks viewers through an analysis of how and why Orbus Software turned to Go1 for part of the puzzle in overhauling their learning ecosystem. A provider of cloud software for digital transformation, Orbus wanted a diverse trove of learning content to curate and, thus, enliven employees’ skills development and training. Read the full report covered in the video here: Orbus Software Decides to Curate Go1-Sourced Content as Part of a Modernized Approach to Learning.

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Presentation: Neeyamo’s Evolve Beyond Borders | EOR – Moving From Why to How

At Evolve Beyond Borders, Neeyamo’s Evolve Beyond Borders event in January 2023, 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder and HCM Practice Lead Brent Skinner delivered a spoke at length on the ways in which organizations expanding rapidly on a global scale can move from understanding the “why” of employers of record (EOR), to the “how.” Delivered in person in Atlanta, GA, his presentation was simulcast globally. Here is the recording.

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Neeyamo Evolve Beyond Borders | January 19 – 20th 2023

Join Brent Skinner, Co- Founder of 3Sixty Insights, as he shares his ideas and best practices to prepare your organization for the #Futureofwork at Neeyamo’s Evolve Beyond Borders event January 19 – 20th 2023. Event takes place in Atlanta, London, Amsterdam. Brent will be presenting live in Atlanta. Learn more and register on Neyeamo’s website for Evolve Beyond Borders:

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HR Tech Alliances Panel of Analyst/Influencers – 10 Ways Ecosystems Can Leverage Influencers | Partner Ecosystems Expo

Industry analysts, industry influencers — who are we? What are we. What are the ways to work with us, as a solution vendor? How should solution vendors work with us? These are great questions. There are others. And it is the rare event where analysts and influencers, as panelists, get the opportunity to provide their thoughts on these issues, and directly to an open forum-style audience. The first day’s second session at HR Tech Alliances’ February Virtual Collaboration Zone: Partner Ecosystems Expo was just that, and it is our distinct pleasure to have appeared on this panel alongside several people we respect very much: fellow analysts in human capital management Pete Tialakos and Ben Eubanks, Rayanne Thorn Kreuger as master of ceremonies, and moderator Marilyn Pearson Hendricks, managing partner at HRTA’s sister entity, HR Tech Advisor (and […]

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3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council Roundtable Discussion – October 6th 2021

3Sixty Insights team to host Global Executive Advisory Council Roundtable discussion. This event will be held on October 8, 2021 and will be completely virtual, and is private to 3Sixty Insights Executive Advisory Council Members only. To be considered for our Global Executive Advisory Council, you can fill out an application here:

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benefitsPRO – Getting leaders to think differently about talent

Although history contests the attribution of this quote to Albert Einstein, I think we can all agree there is no doubt in the essence of its truth: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Yet even with the lessons learned during the pandemic, many managers are applying the exact same hiring criteria that they did before: What technical skills does the external or internal candidate possess? How many years of experience do they have? Did they graduate from a prestigious university? It’s practically painful to watch the same tired tactics applied, knowing the outcomes will not be better. The pandemic redefined the workforce During the pandemic, over 20 million jobs were eliminated during a two-month period in 2020. […]

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Bring Your Own Device to Work | Bill Oliver – Global Executive Advisory Council Member

In May, Bill Oliver of Oliver Advisory Group joined the 3Sixty Insights End-User Global Executive Advisory Council (GEAC) Symposium to share how organizations should be approaching their corporate policy and strategy around employee usage of personally owned devices for work-related activities. In this video Bill covers: What exactly the term Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means Why it makes sense and what devices are considered personally owned The risk of having these devices in play What a BYOD should policy cover Training and education organizations should be deploying

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Digitalizing Talent Learning & Development | Irene Riad – Global Executive Advisory Council Member

In May, Irene Riad joined the 3Sixty Insights End-User Global Executive Advisory Council (GEAC) Symposium to share her journey in selecting and deploying a global learning and development platform from Saba Software (now a part of Cornerstone OnDemand). In this video, Irene, herself a member of the GEAC, shares the background, the process and the lessons learned in selecting this solution. Irene’s presentation provides a recount of her team’s overall decision-making, implementation, and approach to global adoption, all of which they undertook amidst a global re-organization and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UKG Spring HR and Payroll eSymposium | Brent Skinner Presentation: Concrete and Abstract HCM: You Need Both

3Sixty Insights’ Brent Skinner presents Concrete and Abstract HCM: You Need Both (previously recorded during UKG’s Spring HR and Payroll eSymposium on May 13th). HCM delivers two benefits to employers. One is concrete, the gains in productivity and efficiencies that finance appreciates. The other is abstract, the impact on employee satisfaction. All areas of HCM bring both these benefits. Even payroll. Yet, ever since the invention of HR, we have insisted on measuring HCM from a concrete perspective. This leaves half the story of HCM untold—and HR a cost center. Businesses are finally figuring this out, fortunately. Look at the focus on employee experience that work-from-home has inspired. Look at the merger of Ultimate Software and Kronos, which marries technologies for concrete and abstract HCM […]

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